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As one of our major projects, TMA hosts Project Downtown once a month in Raleigh and Durham. What started as a small brownbag project has grown into an established community event, serving fresh, homemade food to the homeless and impoverished, as well as providing hygiene kits, clothing, and book bags and supplies to students in need.

Join us in spreading great smiles and lending a helping hand!


The Triangle Health Fair is TMA's largest annual event,

bringing free health services, education, and disease prevention resources to the minority, underserved, and in need populations of Raleigh. Through providing people access to providers, as well as information on healthy living and how to access insurance, health providers, and emergency aid, we seek to bridge the gap between patients and access to preventative care. 

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The month of Ramadan is a time of spiritual and self development, fasting in order to gain empathy for those who go without access to food or water, and giving in charity to impact those in need within the community. Every night, people come together for Iftar, or dinners to break our fast as a community to build relationships and share with one another. 

Each year, TMA has led efforts to host Iftars raising awareness for groups in need within our community, while hosting them and providing them dinner. TMA has previously hosted Iftars for refugees, local orphans, the homeless, and is looking to expand our efforts to new groups within the community.

Days of

TMA regularly partners with local organizations to give back to the community. We believe that our organization and volunteers should fill existing needs rather than creating overlap. Thus, we constantly seek out events and partners to aid in current projects aimed at fighting poverty, hunger, and other community needs. We have previously worked with Note in the Pocket, providing clothes and supplies to impoverished school children, as well as Adopt a Highway and Habitat for Humanity. If your organization is interested in gaining more support from our volunteers, please reach out to us! We are always looking for new partners to improve our ability to make a positive impact in the Triangle.


As part of TMA, our members participate in numerous events to build friendships and bonds within our community. Whether through game and movie nights, to passing out roses in downtown Raleigh for Roses 4 Peace, we believe that spreading friendship, kindness, and love is an essential part of making a difference. Through our annual TMA Gala, we showcase the projects and accomplishments we have made throughout the year, and celebrate what brings us all together, the passion to make a difference!